The Best of James Dillet Freeman
Audio Book

55 minute MP3 format audio book - Immediate Download - $9.95

Book Description
Angels Sing in Me is an collection of some the best poems and prayers Unity's poet laureate ever wrote. Here you can hear the poet well loved by millions, whose poems are on the Moon, whose dedication to the art of writing is as inspiring as what he chose to write about.

Listen to the music of the angels as they sing through James Dillet Freeman in this audio book. Included are "Prayer for Protection" and "I Am There," two favorites that were carried to the moon by the Apollo astronauts. Also featured are the timeless pieces "The Traveler," "Make Me a Blessing, Lord," "There Was Once a Man of Love," and "Rivers Hardly Ever."

Special narrations take you on a journey into the world of prose and poetry by James Dillet Freeman. You will learn the history, the creative process, and the inspiration behind each of these treasured works. Enjoy a new sense of enlightenment as you listen to James Dillet Freeman himself recite his best-loved poetry.

JAMES DILLET FREEMAN'S career with Unity spanned over 70 years. He served as director of Silent Unity, head of the education ministry, and as a member of the Board of Trustees for Unity School of Christianity.

Author of many books and articles, Freeman has written poems for publication in Daily Word magazine and Unity Magazine. He also appeared on the NEC special "Angels II: Beyond the Light."'